DUNCAN LAURENCE // 25.11.2019 Klub Proxima, Warszawa

25.11.2019, Klub Proxima, Warsaw

Although the Dutchman Duncan Laurence grew up in an environment where music did not play a big role, he soon discovered the possibility of expressing his feelings and telling a story. And so he began to play the piano in an old music school in his home country - with great passion and regularity.

„I was going to be a musician. My youth wasn’t always easy. I was bullied a lot and couldn’t defend myself. Music was a safe haven: a place where I was not insecure and where I could let my emotions run free”

explains the 25-year-old today's - and still continues - enthusiasm for music.

At age sixteen Duncan successfully participated in a talent competition and got the opportunity to record his first demo. Of course, this did not detract his passion for music, on the contrary. A short time later, Duncan decided to continue his way and register for the Rock Academy in Tilburg. Longer stays in London and Stockholm and the constant exchange with his fellow students made him mature as an artist and he learned that even with very intimate stories and without losing his integrity he can address a broad audience.

"I'm always inspired by stories that move me, real personal experiences from my own life or someone else's."

"Arcade" - the song with which he won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for the Netherlands – also has a very personal connection. It tells the story of a tragic love ending far too early.

And even though Duncan has written many more songs for other artists since "Arcade", it is this song that Duncan himself now appears with in front of the audience and seems to have found his own sound.

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