IGNU // Ignu supporting Mother’s Cake in Warsaw!

03.12.2021 Pogłos, Warsaw

Ignu is a very promising quartet, which played alongside with such bands as: Naxatras, Kairon;IRSE!, Death Hawks, Ouzo Bazooka, The Myrrors. During Red Smoke Festival 2017 Ignu performed with Acid King, King Buffalo and Child. Soulstone Gathering 2018 gave them the opportunity to play with the well-known My Sleeping Karma, Weedpecker, YOB. Ignu’s dynamic live performances had a huge impact on the Polish stoner, psychedelic scene. Ignu have realeased two long play albums - Lightningflash Flintspark (2017) and Auriga (2019). In 2020 we've promoted single Mîchā’ēl.

In 2021 Ignu released a new single called "Firecracker" while planning to release a third long play. The band is known for working our asses-off to improve their play every day.

It is not only a passion but also a duty to share the music and message to the outside world.