ANNISKOKAY // 28.03.2021 Livestream Concert

28.03.2021 Livestream Concert

The time has come! Annisokay will play live again and each of you can be there! The band's first official and exclusive livestream concert will be a top-class production. Massive sound and light production, professionally filmed in high definition to bring the Annisokay live performance into your own four walls as noticeable as the most modern technology can make it possible! In a very special location, Annisokay will play their most famous songs live, as well as the hit singles from their brand-new album 'Aurora' for the very first time.

Be there live on March 28, 2021 at 20:00 or watch the stream for the following 72 hours. After that, the concert will not be shown on any other platform! So, don't miss it and get your online ticket now to be part of this unique event! Tickets are available from 15 euros. If you want to continue supporting the band, you can pay a little bit more when buying the tickets or during the stream. The guys will thank you!

Christoph, Rudi, Norbert and Nico are looking forward to seeing each of you!