DEAD STAR TALK // 04.12.2021 Hydrozagadka, Warsaw

04.12.2021 Hydrozagadka, Warsaw

Dead Star Talk are Christian Buhl (vocals, acoustic guitar), Erik Jensen (bass), Günes Kocak (lead and electric guitar, vocals) and Claus Nielsen (drums, percussion). At various times – not necessarily the same time – all four had been members of Denmark’s velvet8ball, who formed in 2003. The new band’s name, Christian explains, is taken from “the title of one of the first songs I wrote after we formed, the only one which reused an old velvet8ball hook. The song is about people celebrating their idols when they pass…maybe Diego Maradona, Sean Connery or David Bowie. We chose it as the band’s name due to the link to our past.” The song “Dead Star Talk” fell by the wayside after Christian got his teeth into writing fresh material, but the oblique vibe of its title felt right for naming the new band.

Their debut album was recorded with Denmark’s legendary, Grammy winning Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen in October and December 2020 at his Copenhagen set up, Sweet Silence Studios. The plan was to record an EP but Flemming said they should make an album. Titled Too Many Too Much after the reflective, rolling second single it will be released on 28th January 2022. The next single release will be ”Giant Child”, available 1st October 2021.

Dead Star Talk will play at the Warsaw club Hydrozagadka on 4th December this year. Lovely George Hennessey will support the band with his mix of grunge and britrock.

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